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National Charter of Producers



Film type:                       Television series
Genre:                            Spy action
Producer country:             Ukraine, Russia
Producer:                        National Charter of Producers
Film language:                Russian
Film color:                       Color
Film duration:                  Television version 12 parts 46 min. each
Idea:                              Valentin Barzinsky
Script:                             Oleg Rempinsky
Creative producer:            Alexander Parkhomenko            tel. (044) 451 59 66
                                                                                     cell. 8 050 411 69 59


         Mikhail Kovalenko, a successful journalist, works with a prestigious commercial TV channel. He is gifted, fascinating, and enjoys women’s attention. On the whole, his life goes quite well.
         In the meantime, three events take place in the capital city’s night life, which are seemingly of minor importance for a megalopolis: an obscure journalist Bogdan Sokorev dies in a fire in his own apartment; a smorgasbord party is arranged by a big businessman Viktor Streshinsky to celebrate the purchase of a TV channel; a solitary passerby is assaulted by a psycho with a syringe.
         Having shot a newsreel at the scene, the crew in which Mikhail works go lightheartedly to the party and spend the rest of the night there. At the smorgasbord, while his long-time girlfriend, producer Tamara, is absent for five minutes, Mikhail strikes acquaintance with Zhanna, an unbelievably attractive woman who turns out to be the wife of the new owner of the TV channel. His new acquaintance becomes a forbidden fruit for him, but so far it does not let him down. He spends the night after the party with Tamara, who is none the less attractive and is evidently deep in love with him.
         The following day passes the way it usually does at any TV channel. The staff discuss news of the day: the psycho who, as it turns out, has pricked other people with his syringe before; their colleague who worked with the World of Environment magazine and whose death appeared absurd; the impending changes following the “change of power”. On top of that, after a staff meeting, which was attended by oligarch Streshinsky, Tamara offers Mikhail a job in a new TV project about modern scientific achievements.
         One of the organizations to be covered by the project is the institute of microbiology where Mikhail gets acquainted with an unpleasant misanthropic type - microbiologist Igor Kanin, who tests new vaccines on poor monkeys and behaves rather erratically. Having taken an interview from him, not without difficulty, Mikhail suddenly finds out that Kanin was previously interviewed by Bogdan Sokorev. Later, at the office, Mikhail hears in passing from his colleague Yuri that the subject Bogdan worked at was some food additives for artificial taste and smell. But firstly, that could hardly have been behind Bogdan’s death. And secondly, why should Mikhail care about the fate of the man he never even knew?
         Mikhail’s life is within its usual frame. He works and leads his own life. He enjoys taking steam baths in a company of pop stars and having a drink now and then with his old friends. He spends one of such evenings together with his former classmate Boris, a forensic expert, whom he has just run across. And it is when new links, seemingly unconnected, emerge in the chain of further events…  Streshinsky’s wife Zhanna pays a visit to a foreign priest. Tamara, who is in love with Mikhail, spends that night… on the oligarch’s lavish yacht, in his embrace. And after Mikhail and Boris part, the mysterious stranger with a syringe attacks another passerby. But this time the maniac himself gets hurt, and he runs away, leaving a stain of his blood on his victim’s coat. The whirlwind of events gathers momentum.
         Forensic expert Boris stays at home with a beaten face and assures Mikhail that after they parted he was too drunken and fell into a sewage well. Tamara keeps playing love with Mikhail, dating secretly with Streshinsky. And experts with the microbiology institute, who analyze the maniac’s blood sample, find a lethal pathogen that has been studied by the institute only recently and could not get into the blood of anyone outside. After that, the sample mysteriously disappears, and the experts – Igor Kanin and Professor Sergey Butenko, who made the expertise, can offer no explanation.
         Meanwhile, Mikhail meets with a mentally disturbed national security officer Kolesnikov, who tells him in between “lapses of memory” that Bogdan Sokorev was killed by… a priest. And in the evening Mikhail finds in his flat… dead Tamara, killed with a syringe.
         From this moment on Mikhail reveals his real face: more than ten years ago he served in the “Alpha” – a special KGB force. His appearance of an easy-going straightforward guy harbors the tenacious mind of a professional well-trained in intelligence. Eventually he finds out that the killed journalist dealt with a biotropic weapon and that international terrorists chose this very country for “test-running” it. But he does not know yet the main participants in this secret warfare.
         Mikhail, who has gone too far into the “restricted area”, is approached by his former KGB “colleagues” who work for international terrorists. They try to persuade him to cooperate – recruit leading scientists, kidnap important people, and plant sophisticated devices for future mass killings. First they do it delicately and then in a hard way. They set Mikhail up as a suspect in the murder of Tamara, burn his apartment, and try to kill him. Narrowly escaping all dangers, Mikhail manages to puzzle the secret out. He discovers the truth… A complex lethal mechanism is being developed, and the research is funded through Streshinsky’s companies. The experiments conducted by the “quiet genius” Butenko, who works for the oligarch, are only a part of it. And the crimes committed by the syringe maniac, who once became the professor’s victim, are only a child’s play in comparison with the scale of the possible tragedy.
         But Mikhail will not be left alone to succumb to desperation and defeat. He gets an offer from a certain “Information-Analytical Center”, which is engaged in practical fight against terrorism and the most dangerous modern threats. Tamara was employed in it. The center, created as a counterbalance to old and corrupt special agencies, is maximally autonomous and out of possible control by those who, like oligarch Streshinsky, are ready to victimize their country and people for the sake of their clans’ welfare.

         Once “back on the old track”, Mikhail begins to lead a double life. To everyone he remains the same journalist. But in the world of secret warfare he is a mature wolfhound, an agent for special dangerous missions, who goes through death and stays alive. In each part of the TV series he successfully counters sundry designs of modern terrorists.


( 19.06.2006 )
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